All projects, large and small, are individually tuned to your needs. Whether you need simple interior design or a major renovation, we will work with you. But to give you an idea, a typical project looks like this:

Initial Phone Call (Everything has a beginning! We're happy to make your aquaintance!)

In Person Meeting (Let's get this process going! Here we start to get a feel for what you envision as your ultimate goal of your project. What will it look like? What would you like to accomplish in your space? More importantly though, you get to know US. The broad strokes start to come tegether.)

Estimate and Contract (This is going to be a back and forth process as we work together to narrow down specific aspects of your project, timeline and budget.)

Design Meeting (Final plans are drawn up and we will begin the finalized selection process for all elements of your project. How big DO you want that walk-in shower?

Permit Process (Any aspect of your project requiring registration and approval from the city is addressed before we begin.)

Construction (The fun part! The T's have been crossed, the I's dotted and now your vision is becoming a reality! Through the coming days, you will see what had only been two dimensions take on three as your dreams become reality)

Final Touches/Feedback (We're not satisfied until you are. This is YOUR project and the details are everything.)

Final Cleaning (Fingerprints be gone!)